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Here you will find a selection of my videos from the reality TV show Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Hijack shows. Not all my vids are including here as I have literally hundreds. You can see them all in my Tarty Doris Video Archives though.

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A clip of some of Charley Uchea's best bits from BB8 - DivX 6.67 MBs 36 Secs


Charley Uchea from BB8 showing her sexy arse while lying on a bed - DivX 15.2 MB's 1 Min 21 Secs


Charley Uchea from BB8 inspecting what she thinks is a small bird but what turns out to be a large moth. Dizzy cow - DivX 8.94 MBs 47 Secs


Charley Uchea in a sex-off showdown with Nicky Maxwell for the attention of one particular male housemate from BB8 - DivX 16.0 MBs 1 Min 26 Secs

Another clip of Charley Uchea's sexy arse from BB8 - DivX 4.94 MBs 27 Secs


Charley Uchea from BB8 in her final eviction interview with Davina - Video includes Charley's best bits - DivX 61.8 MBs 5 Mins 32 Secs


Charley Uchea from BB8 adjusting her dress and showing her very sexy arse in a nice pair of knickers - DivX 3.10 MBs 16 Secs


Emily Parr from BB8 in some sexy white knickers - DivX 5.07 MBs 27 Secs


Emily Parr from BB8 showing she has got one of the sexiest, if not the sexiest, bum's I've ever seen on TV - DivX 2.08 MBs 8 Secs


More bum shots of Emily Parr in a bikini from BB8 - DivX 21.9 MBs 1 Min 58 Secs


Emily Parr's perfect butt in some white knickers from BB8 - DivX 7.20 MBs 38 Secs

Emily Parr from BB8 in a bikini in the diary room - DivX 50.2 MBs 4 Mins 28 Secs

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