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Here you will find a selection of my videos from the reality TV show Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Hijack shows. Not all my vids are including here as I have literally hundreds. You can see them all in my Tarty Doris Video Archives though.

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Keeley and Caoimhe from BB11 doing their superhero task for the Uber Cougar  - DivX 60.1 MBs 5 Mins 22 Secs

BB11 housemates Caoimhe, Corin, Ife, Josie, Keeley & Rachel posing in superhero outfits in a task set by the Uber Cougar - DivX 9.03 MB's 49 Secs


Not a sexy video but one included because it's so funny. Includes Josie and Andrew pretending to be a couple and Andrew whispering to John James 'she's mine now', 'back the **** off'.  - DivX 34.5 MBs 3 Mins 06 Secs


Corin from BB11 in a sexy cheerleader outfit for the BB High task  - DivX 43.0 MBs 3 Mins 39 Secs

All the housemates from BB11 during their BB High task singing 'Don't Stop Believin' - DivX 56.7 MBs 4 Mins 47 Secs


Laura from BB11 in a sexy bikini  - DivX 63.0 MBs 5 Mins 18 Secs

Davina McCall in a very sexy black leather number on Big Brother's Big Mouth - DivX 99.8 MBs 8 Mins 26 Secs


Ultimate Big Brother housemate Makosi Musambasi having a shower and soaping herself down. OMG! Have your ever seen bigger tits? - DivX 35.7 MBs 2 Mins 45 Secs

Ultimate Big Brother housemates Michelle Bass, Nadia Almada & Makosi Musambasi in the pool - DivX 31.7 MBs 2 Mins 24 Secs


Ultimate Big Brother housemates Chantelle Hougton, Michelle Bass, Nadia Almada, Makosi Musambasi, Nikki Grahame & Ulrika Jonnson dressesd as majorette's and performing Bad Romance in the garden - Also includes the girls on the couch in the main house, still as majorettes, receiving the results of nominations - DivX 75.3 MBs 5 Mins 47 Secs


Ultimate Big Brother housemates Michelle Bass, Nadia Almada, Makosi Musambasi & Nikki Grahame sunbathing in the garden - DivX 44.4 MBs 3 Mins 26 Secs

Michelle Bass on Big Mouth - DivX 27.7 MBs 2 Mins 07 Secs

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